Green Life

Can we not recognize the green trend is going live around them. For example, when people go shopping, they began not too focused on green vegetables and grass, to look long and sleek again and turned to other selection criteria, fresh vegetables. Similarly when one chooses the meat at the meat counter is not used food to gain weight, lean … More Advanced, at the restaurant, diners are required to meat animals graze natural or Is wildlife. Or how to choose the former, we know consumers are fruits native to China to understand that, things that contain preservatives highly toxic, hazardous to health. Recently, people have a sense of domestic consumption or fruit originating from Western countries, Thailand, Singapore more secure. The same with drinking water in urban water supply was poisoned by the chemicals that kill bacteria or rural areas where water is polluted by industrial waste from plants, minerals in the ground infestation. Now, many urban residents and rural areas were noted and accepted to pay for clean water, bottled water, natural mineral waters, though, this is a costly habit. Another trend is common in urban cramped, stuffy, people are flocking to the suburbs, looking up the mountain and coastal areas to buy a home with a desire to improve the atmosphere of a better living environment. At present, forming an entire home buying trends associated with ecological, therefore, the real estate market in recent years has emerged a commodity of real estate known as ecology. Despite real estate market in general is in distress, the real estate segment has created ecological level to attract customers and continuous stability for sustainable development sufficient to show that it is a trend life course. Or short-term rather than routine travel, immerse yourself in nature is a tendency to live green.


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